Monday, April 11, 2011

my future bedroom

(click to enlarge)

This might be my last year at my current apartment, so with my lease ending in June I've been fantasizing about what my new place could look like (I LOVE decorating!). The bedroom in this painting (what is it with me and bedrooms?? I can't help it!) is a mixture of things I really want (the classic Unikko Marimekko comforter, a cool rug and an awesome view) and things I already have (my gold motorcycle helmet, an amazing print by my friend Rand Renfrow, pink underwear... and of course my sleepy dog and boyfriend). What does your fantasy room look like?


  1. my room would definately have white walls because i'm tired of living with weird wallpapers, many many books and boxes. and there wouldn't be any massive soviet furniture which i want to throw away now. but my landlord would get mad if i did this.

  2. KATIE! Thanks so much. I am so happy to have my work in your dream room. make sure you tell me where you move so I can come over again soon.

  3. beautiful illustrations, beautiful blog!

    i think my room would have tranparent curtains, flowers, a very comfortable bed and lots of books


  4. I think my current bedroom is actually as close to this as possible :D.

  5. I want my room 2 look like this (redecorating next year) but not messy.....