Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sorry Mom

t-rex sex

While I was home over Christmas my mom (who is an elementary school teacher) complained that my blog was not very kid-friendly anymore. Sorry mom! The illustrations in this post are definitely not appropriate to look at from work. The piece above was in the Dino Show at the Double Punch Gallery in San Francisco which was organized by Ryan De La Hoz (Thanks Ryan!). I'm not much for drawing dinosaurs so I kind of took it in another direction more palatable to me.

super evil girl

I painted this ultra evil demon girl for my boyfriend for Christmas. He liked it! My mom did not.


  1. haha, oh, Mom.
    I am glad Eliot liked it. I do to.

  2. Mom's are wonderful .... but they don't have to be perfect. I love all your drawings.
    Ps. My mom rarely reads my blog. She thinks I'm great, but my blog is "a little strange dear".