Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shadow Link

(click to see full size)

This is a Zelda piece I did for Cory Schmitz's "The Controller" - a video game art and culture magazine.

I based it on my favorite Zelda game, Ocarina of Time, which I just recently beat (and yes, it came out in 1998, don't hate!). The little fairy in the corner next to Link is Navi, a character that is supposed to act as your helper throughout the game but who is usually just very irritating.

I chose to have Link about to battle Shadow Link, one of the bosses in the game. I love the idea of having to defeat yourself to win!


  1. yes! when my baby girl was first born, i'd be rocking her at night in our big blue lay-z-boy and playing this game to pass the time

  2. This is my dream job. So jealous!