Friday, November 12, 2010

How To Win Her Love

How To Win Her Love
is a book I did illustrations for this summer. It's a super funny, sweet, and charming book by Rudolph Delson, all about how to get the girl of your dreams. Here's what is says on the back cover:

"To adore and be adored by a woman, a woman whose whole body you crave and whose whole spirit you admire, is bliss. And this bliss can easily be yours! You need only have indomitable courage, a comprehending soul, and noble hilarity, virtues that are the ultimate subjects of this short and edifying book. This book will tell you:
  • The spirit in which to begin to love;
  • How to care for yourself in order to be irresistible to women;
  • Where to find the ideal woman for you;
  • How to approach her; and
  • What to say and do so that you may earn and keep her affection forever.

Along the way, you will learn everything you need to know about your duties and pleasures as a lover."

Boys falling in love?! Yes please! Obviously, a book like this was completely up my alley and I was super excited to work on it. Below are a few of my favorite drawings from the book (I'll post all of them on my website very soon). The book is published by The New Haven Review.


  1. Super Awesome! I love that cowboy and western girl. It made me chuckle. I need to get a copy of this.

  2. .when will this be buyable (is this even a word?) like on amazon or something - I'm from Slovenia and i'd much like to get my hands on this one - even just for the illustrations, couse they're really nice :)