Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Underbelly Printing recently put on a show in San Antonio and Houston called PART MYTH, which featured the work of 19 artists, which they hand printed in their shop. They also bound them all together and sold them as an awesome book, but I think they're sold out.

This is my piece - Road Runner and Watermelon Head from Sugartown (my comic I'm working on!). It's three colors and they did an awesome job printing it - I'm so pleased!

Here is their website - buy things from them!: UNDERBELLY

I just started my last semester at Parsons and I'm super excited to start working on my first Senior Portfolio assignment, which is to create an image based on an experience we had over winter break. I think I'm either going to do something about how I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox four (FOUR) times, or something about the AMAZING Japanese horror film called House I saw last week. So excited!

I just realized that this print matches the banner above my blog exactly. Can you tell what my favorite color is?

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  1. House was AMAZING. We bought the poster and some shirts haha. IFC, right?